We offer various design services aiming at improvement of the quality of medical facilities.

Comprehensive approach

A characteristic of our consulting team is to be based on comprehensive approach about structure, electricity, a mechanical, all specialized fields such as the information with a building design.


We are professionals of the design and technique.  We seek the high quality solution to the problem with low cost.

Related Design

We studies a design element to promote healing environment concerned based on the demand of medical personnel.



Arquimedica collaborates with a client in each stage for high quality medical facilities design.


We included not only the building design but also the management aspect.

Architectural Plan

We propose the architectural plan with deep understanding of the medical facilities management and operation.

Management Plan

We present the various model plans to improve the hospital operation.


We are the partner by the unit of the architectural design and hospital operation.


Requirements analysis
Functional programming
Site and facility planning
Project budget analysis
Concept design

Architectural design
Schematic & detail design
Specification program
Medical space development
Facade Engineering
Specialized expertise integration

Interior design
Concept development
Furniture coordination
Way finding and signage
Lighting design
Medical equipment layout

Construction Management
Project cost and contract management
Construction administration
Construction document
Quality assurance
Quantity survey

Facility Management
Facility condition assessment
Strategic planning
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Quality Control Monitoring

Other Specialty
Project Management
Medical equipment selection
ICT planning
Building Information Modelling