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G prefecture medical center extension

  • In order to expand the functions of the Prefectural Central Hospital, the existing old building was demolished and a new building was added.

  • In cooperation with a local design office, submit a proposal and win. Our company was mainly in charge of design design (medical function).

  • It consists of a radiotherapy facility (linac, positioning CT, etc.), a day surgery center (day surgery room, preparation room, recovery room, etc.), a pathology center, and a training center.

  • It is connected to the main building by a corridor and is planned to have a unified color.

Mitaka Private Hospital Reconstruction Plan

  • A plan to acquire and renovate a site near a private hospital where the current site is narrow.

  • For effective use of the site, we planned to share the site with the condominium developer.

  • Make the best use of the building volume while giving consideration to the northern housing by examining the shade.

  • For the proposal in the residential area, we proposed warm colors and planting to have harmony with the surrounding area.


Yokohama private hospital rebuilding plan

  • Along with the M & A of a 70-bed hospital, the plan is to rebuild the site near the dilapidated hospital.

  • While considering the dense site environment, we ensured a front opening that makes you feel open and easy for patients to approach.

  • It is a cardiovascular hospital with an operating room and angio room.

  • We were asked to enhance the private rooms as much as possible, and secured a private room rate of 40%.

​ Supervision of equipment renewal work at a certain hospital in Tokyo

  • Equipment renewal work for medical facilities in Tokyo.

  • ​FM (Facility Management).

  • As a medical facility, the equipment was renewed without taking a leave of absence from the hospital.

  • While renewing the equipment, we also legally responded to the medical law that could not be done until now.

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