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《Looking towards the future》

See the plans and examples of Archimedica

Want to make patients and staff safer by Seismic reinforcement

Currently, it is said that there are surprisingly few hospital buildings that have been seismically reinforced. The reasons for this are the high cost and the fact that we don't want to stop operating the hospital. ​There are various methods for seismic reinforcement, and it is possible to carry out construction without stopping hospital operations.

Want to build a Japanese-style hospital

Although Japanese hospital architecture and hospital management are highly evaluated in various countries, it will not work if Japanese style hospital architecture is introduced in a different culture and system as it is. After understanding the cultural background and local medical practice, we make proposals that incorporate Japanese style. In terms of design, due to issues such as local building regulations and applications, we always work in collaboration with a local design office.

How to improve the deteriorated buildings​?

As buildings age, problems with facilities such as water leakage, and problems with the building itself will occur. In a situation where it is difficult to make decisions with an eye to the future, such as what kind of schedule and how to allocate costs for renovations, we look several decades into the future and plan the order of renovations, cost allocation, and related design in the interest of the hospital. First of all, we will consider and propose. ​

Building design and construction ordering systems are

complicated and difficult to select

In addition to separate orders for design and construction, there are various ordering methods such as the ECI method and the DB method. At that time, there is CM work that manages the project based on specialized knowledge from the same standpoint as the ordering party. At our company, engineers who are familiar with various aspects of hospital design work together as the client's best partner at each stage.

Propose the Future of Medical & Welfare Facility



We Believe that Design Proposes the Future Possibilities.

Medical facilities needed in every country and region around the world. Since its establishment in 2013, Archimedica Co., Ltd., as an architectural design office that specializes in hospitals and welfare/healthcare facilities, has responded quickly to medical needs without being bound by conventional design concepts based on global trends. We will lead the design

《Concpets from social trends》

See the plans and examples of Archimedica

Specialized for
Medical facilities Design


Whether it's new construction, extension, or refurbishment, the first planning policy is important. We will think about what to do and when to do it together with the business owner, make proposals, and give advice on decision making. We will clarify the milestone to the next stage and support a reliable business.

​Use for New Technology
Digital twin


Creation of New Business Scopes


As a medical facility planning professional, we will fully listen to the intentions of business owners and the voices of medical staff and translate them into facility plans. We propose the optimum solution for the business based on the latest medical conditions and construction technology. In addition, we will help improve the quality of medical facilities by paying close attention to the materials and usability until the facility is completed.

Information related to the facility is collected in the form of "BIM" (Building Information Modeling) and made into a three-dimensional drawing. In that three-dimensional world, we are studying with the aim of creating a world where information can be shared while systematizing equipment information, design, and future FM management.


Japanese Medical Facilities Design by BIM


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(仮称)ジャカルタ・イスラム病院 再編整備施設計画

(仮称)ジャカルタ・イスラム病院 再編整備施設計画

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BCP対策のためのバーチャル病院 (BIM)

BCP対策のためのバーチャル病院 (BIM)

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CPCセンター バイオメディカ・ソリューション株式会社

CPCセンター バイオメディカ・ソリューション株式会社

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