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National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology Reconstruction Plan

• Renovation work of the National Medical Center in Aichi Prefecture.
• The new building, named “Orange Hospital,” was planned as a facility where the ward could be reorganized and cross-sectional clinical research could be conducted focusing on the decline in mental and physical functions associated with aging.
• Implemented a complex rolling plan to renovate the existing building while preserving it.
• Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the enforcer, and after selection, attend the construction meeting on behalf of the owner.
• We are mainly making adjustments in terms of cost.

​ Certain medical center equipment renewal medium- to long-term plan

​ At a certain medical center, more than 20 years have passed since the completion of construction, and it has passed the time when the core equipment needs to be updated. .. Therefore, we made a medium- to long-term plan, positioned the renewal plan three years ahead as a short-term equipment renewal plan, and based on the equipment inspection, proceeded with the renewal of the most important equipment that needs immediate action to the minimum, and maintained the facility. ..


I Hospital long-term repair / repair plan

• Facility management work for a medical corporation facility built by a hospital and the Long-Term Care Health Facility.

• Fifteen years have passed since the construction was completed, and the equipment system was mainly deteriorated, and many problems such as piping leaks occurred in the hot water system.

• Prioritized the work of urgent repair, and after a detailed investigation of the current situation, it was planned to prepare a medium- to long-term maintenance plan.

​ Tokyo Metropolitan O Hospital

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