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BIM conversion of medical facilities

​ At Archimedica, from designing to supervision of medical facilities through BIM, we have repeated research to make use of it as a unit, and it is possible to support various applications that are not just 3D models. We will propose a BIM that can be done.


Practical use of    

Archimedica uses Matterport to speedily propose on-site surveys of existing buildings before renovation, records at the time of completion of new buildings, surveys of existing buildings in medium- to long-term plans, and drawing.
more: Please see the Matterport data of "Ageohoncho Clinic" designed by Archimedica for reference.

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BIM help

  • BIM data creation for planning

  • ​ The planning team will provide comprehensive support.

  • ​​ The image is an example of 3D data conversion of the exterior wall proposal design by Nichiha Corporation.

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