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Ageohoncho Clinic

  • Internal medicine / fire extinguisher internal medicine clinic. The director is an endoscopist.

  • The two-story wooden building concentrates the examination function on the first floor, and the second floor is the director's room and the staff's rest room.

  • It has a one-sided roof and can be converted to ZEB with solar panels and storage batteries in the future.

​Tama Health Management Center

  • A complete renovation plan for the medical examination center, which is one of the health facilities jointly operated by the comprehensive health insurance association located in Tokyo.

  • The plan is to gradually renovate while operating the center.

  • The repair work was scheduled for 2019, but the work was suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

  • Although the renovation work was suspended, only the equipment renewal work will be carried out, and the facility management is under contract as an advisor. (As of 3rd year of Reiwa)

3D ビュー 3F受付_14.jpg

Kobe IMP Building Renovation Plan

  • The Foundation has renovated an existing building as a base for integrated research and development of medical robots.

  • Various experiments are being conducted as a development base for domestic medical robots.

  • It is assumed that three operating tables will be installed, and it is also maintained as a facility where training using models and animals is possible. ​​

Yokosuka Tower Clinic Interior Design

  • Designed as a large clinic tenant in a redevelopment building in Odaki-cho, Yokosuka City.

  • It is located on the 4th floor of a commercial facility and can be approached directly by a dedicated elevator.

  • The clinic focuses on internal medicine such as internal medicine, cardiology, and fire extinguisher internal medicine, but it also offers medical examinations by specialists such as constipation outpatients and Parkinson outpatients.

  • We have general radiation equipment, ultrasonic equipment, and endoscopic equipment.

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